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Freshly squeezed juice
100% fruit and/or vegetables
synonym: original juice, single strength juice
Fruits and vegetables are squeezed, without further processes, except for a brief pasteurisation to neutralise bacteria.
All Pajottenlander juices belong to this category.

Juice out of concentrate
After squeezing, a special steaminstallation extracts water out of the juice. The result is a thick paste: the concentrate. To obtain juice again, water and other additives are added. Most juices are made that way, because of much lower storage- and transportcosts.

Is a mixture of fruitjuice, wether or not made out of concentrate, water and sugars.
Nectars are meant:
- to reduce the product's cost
- to make the product drinkable. Pure blackcurrentjuice e.g. is terribly sour. Mixed with water and sugars it becomes a drinkable blackberrynectar.

Pajottenlander adds pure juice instead of water and sugars. Thus we get our juiceblends, e.g. apple-blackcurrentjuice, containing the maximum percentage of blackcurrents in order to obtain optimum flavor.

Some types of fruit can not be squeezed into juices in a natural way: apricots, peaches, mango’s. When pressed it becomes puree.
We use this sort of fruits as fresh pressed puree’s. Mixed with pure applejuice they form the basis of delicious juices.


Made from juice and puree.
The following Pajottenlander juices belong to this category: multifruit, apple-peach-apricot, apple-mango, ‘gezondheidsdrank’ (health-drink), tomatojuice.
Commercial smoothies often contain concentrates, sugars, flavorings, binders, water and other additives.

Sirups or thick juice
Pure concentrate, wether or not containing added sugar or any other sweetener.
Dilute with water it becomes fruitjuice comparable with juice originating from concentrate.

A mixture of juice and sparkling or non-sparkling water.
E.g. appleschörle

Soft drink
A typical soft drink consists of carbonated water, sugars and flavorings. Usually all sorts of additives are added: preservatives, acidity regulaters, stabilizers, etc.). Sometimes fruitconcentrates are added.

Flavored waters
Those drinks look like water, but they are enriched with sugars and flavorings.
Under the name of ‘drink based on springwater or mineral water’ those drinks escape the law that forbids additives in water.


We recommend that you carefully read the label, also the smallprints, sometimes hidden carefully.

Know what you drink and enjoy our pure juices !

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