A passion for ecology, organic farming and standard orchards were the beginnings for Pajottenlander. In 1987 Peter started with frruit growing and very soon, because of the abundant crops, with the processing of fruit into juices and other fruit products. Until now, the company has been constantly growing.

Under the brandname PAJOTTENLANDER we produce today:

  • A complete line of NFC fruit and vegetable juices, and fruit preparations for the Belgian market, where we are the leading brand.
  • A wide range of raw materials and semi finished products (fruit and vegetable based) for small-scale, as well as for large-scale processors: NFC juices, purees, concentrates, preparations, IQF. Those products are for the Belgian market as wel as for export worldwide.


Because of the increasing demand we decided to start with an export brand for NFC juices: FREYA.
Freya is the goddess of fertility, wealth and love.
FREYA, lovely juices

 We guarantee the same excellent QUALITY we are known for: pure cloudy juices, 100% organic, not from concentrates, unsweetened, without additives.
You may expect an excellent professionality, due to almost 30 years experience in organic crops, in trading and exporting, in analysis management and product development.


Under the brandname FREYA we'll start with the following FLAVOURS:

  • Apple
  • Pear-Apple
  • Apple-Cherry
  • Red Grape
  • Apple-Red Fruit
  • Multifruits
  • Pomegranate
  • Carrots
  • Beetroot
  • Vegetable Mix


Of course we can produce all other flavours you are interested in.


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